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Susan Osborn: Links

Usaato Japan
Exquisite hand loomed, natural dyed, organic clothing
David Densmore
David Densmore, painter, poet, in developement
Tingstad and Rumbel
The music of Grammy Award winners Tingstad and Rumbel speaks to the heart.
Simon Spire
A wonderful young singer songwriter guitarist from New Zealand living in LA. His new CD called All or Nothing is available at Buy It!
Martin Lund
Musician extraordinaire! Piano, FLute, Clarilnet, Accordian, Sax, Arranger, Composer. Check him out!
Finest Soft Icecream in Japan!
Curtis Patterson and Bruce Huebner Duo
Toured with these two wonderful musicians Spring of 2008 in Japan
Henna Gaijin
Tips and stories for non-Japanese people interested in Japan
Kentaro Kihara 木原健太郎
Pianist featured on ONLY ONE and Wonderful World CD
The Work of Fritz and Vivienne Hull
Yearly retreats on the island of Iona in Scotland, and programs on Whidbey Island in Washington State.
Children's House on Orcas
Ralf Illenberger
More information about this extraordinary musician
Living Music
Home of Paul Winter Consort
My old friend Rene' Deerheart's exquisite hand carved work
Hot Ice Studio and Garden House
Exquisite crystal glazed porcelain pottery and Garden House guest accommodation
Carolyn Cruso
Orcan Singer Songwriter...Guitar and Hammer Dulcimer