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HUMMINGBIRD was made by a community of musicians spread across the US and who have companioned me musically in different stages of my life, from South Dakota to New York City and to Orcas Island.  Each one added generously an essential ingredient to the musical soup.

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Posted on December 14, 2016 with 0 comments
10. The Question
David Darling, cello; Bill Lauf, tenor guitar; Nancy Rumbel, oboe; Gordon Johnson, upright bass; Susan Osborn, keyboard and vocal

The dipper spills it’s starry light
Question marks the night
As owl and rooster call and crow
Across the slumbering earth below
I wakeful watch the day begin
Old faithful sun ever burning
Now a pink and yellow glow
Across the slumbering earth below

​And now another day reveals
​Signs and wonders that the night conceals
​My lover’s face upon the pillow
​The verdant world outside my window
​The question still without an answer to
​Who shapes the dance, what moves the dancer?

My little brain, my yearning heart
Can only make a tiny start
I open to the question mark
The who, the what, that feeds the spark
That tenders tinder then to flame
And I begin my dance again
My stumbling fumbling humbling dance
Into another day

​Now you who must also ponder
​This silent mystery, this wonder
​I hope this song of mine will bring
​The [...]
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