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Susan Osborn: Guestbook

John F. Fox

March 11, 2007

Hey Sue, I think we probably met at Dugan's a
couple of times. I hung out with the ISU Daily
crowd at the time. Took pictures for the Daily.
I remember you singing a couple of times before
we demonstrated against the war. Glad you are
doing so well. Always loved your voice. Do you still sing, The Dragon Doesn't
Live Here Anymore(sp), anymore? Best wishes
to you, will order some albums when I have some
extra cash. Peace.

Mark Cohen

March 6, 2007


It's been a long and winding road since Seeds of Singing on board Crusader, and in that magical spot on Orcas. Thanks for "seeing through me" back then. Life is good, and I'm glad to see yours is rich and full as well. After leaving the northwest for 11 years in Hawaii I've settled in the Bay Area, I have a beautiful daughter who has an amazing voice, and I'm about to be happily (re)-married for the first time. I still remember your wisdom and your song, and I'm still singing.

Much love to you and David. I hope our paths cross again in time.


Susan Osborn

March 1, 2007

My name is Susan Osborn also, and I am very impressed with the music put out by my name-twin. Thank you for your eloquent and luxurious musical interlude!

Barbara Hume

February 17, 2007

Der Susan,

I was so moved by the songs on your web site. Your workshops and vision for the voice is truly mesmorizing. I wish to know more as I am currently working with a composer in Seattle, David Paul Mesler, singing predominantly American poetry but I love the jazz standards and am just discovering how to communicate more intently the story in song.

Your web site is an inspiration - I can only imagine meeting you and singing with you. I live near Seattle on Bainbridge Island and would love to attend a vocal workshop on Orcus this summer if you will be scheduling any.


Barbara Hume


February 16, 2007

Keep it going, thanks. I found exactly the information.

Philip Baskin

February 11, 2007

Since first heaing you with Paul Winter at The Cathedral in NY, early 80s, and getting chills on your singing of Lay Down Your Burden, I and my wife have been tremendous fans. Somehow, lost track of you and have just found you again. Looking forward to obtaining your recordings and enjoying hearing your beautiful voice. Thanks for many beautiful moments. Philip


February 6, 2007

It's a gray foggy day here today, so still and restive. Creative imagination expressive in abundance. Ah.
My friend here in Duncan has been to Iona and shared her experience. Ah.

Maria Hansa

December 30, 2006

By the way, do you have any contact info for Nina?

Maria Hansa

December 30, 2006

Greetings from Wisconsin! Went searching for Nine Logterman and ended on your site. I can still hear your voice in my head from thirty years ago in Vermillion. Our daughter Ana currently lives in Olympia, WA where she's a student at Edgewood. She's also an artist and musician, currently studying China, and will heading there this May. Next time I visit I hope you're in the area. I'd love to hear you sing again. And do you still dance? I love the things you're involved with. We knew you lived in that general part of the world, I believe via Eva Isaksen. Perhaps a conversation over tea some day.

Heidi Laursen

December 15, 2006

My mother and I so enjoyed your Christmas concert in the Victorian Valley Chapel. And can't wait to see and hear you in the Christmas Carol this winter.

Lynda Leonard, Program Coordinator

December 11, 2006

Susan Osborn December 11, 2006

Dear Susan,

We invite you to be a keynote and workshop presenter at The Second International Sound Healing Conference November 8-12, 2007 to be held at La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. We appreciate your experience and notable accomplishments in this field and know you will thoroughly enjoy this conference.

The Message Company has been producing conferences on consciousness and healing for twelve years. You may already be familiar with The International Conference on Science and Consciousness, The International Conference on Business and Consciousness, The International Conference on Shamanism, The International Conference on Sacred Sexuality and The International Conference on Enlightenment. We remain the oldest and most renowned producer of these leading edge events.

We will pay $1,500 as a speaker fee/airfare/expense combination. (You are responsible for your air fare, food and incidental expenses and travel arrangements). You and your spouse (if applicable) will have a complimentary room at La Fonda Hotel during the conference dates. I will make our reservation for you. A full conference admission is also included. If taped, you will receive a free DVD and CD of all sessions successfully recorded. As a presenter you also have the right to sell your books, tapes, DVDs and CDs in the conference bookstore and place other materials in the conference networking room.

As part of our new paradigm of doing business, we don’t have a long complex contract. Let us know of your intent by signing below and faxing or mailing or emailing this back to us as soon as possible. Please call if you have any questions (505-474-7604).

X ________________
I Accept Your Invitation! ( ) Sorry, I can’t make it in 2007

PS. Check here ____ if interested in being part of any evening concerts or events.

Check here _____ if interested in exhibit booth and/or demo area space (for equipment, musical instruments, etc.). Note: all books and media (CDs, DVDs, video and audio tapes) MUST be sold through the conference bookstore.


Lynda Leonard, Program Coordinator

wai san Tang

December 3, 2006

Waiting for your distributor"CDBaby" to send me your "Only One...Love Songs for two". Can not wait to see the "Only One... Love Songs Volume II" to come.

Mari Gardner

November 21, 2006

Susan, we are so looking forward to your Victorian Valley Chapel holiday concerts this year, but cannot find the dates listed yet on your website.
3 years ago, with Kentaro at the grand piano, we witnessed our first Christmas concert and were blown away! It was serene, and spiritual, and magical, and breath-taking. We were touched to the soul. Though the last two years with the talent of Martin Lund, we have enjoyed your concert, the jazzy tempo cannot match our initial experience, when you slowly walked into the hushed chapel and with Kentaro's piano talent, shared with us, something so special.
We look forward to 2006 at Victorian Valley Chapel with you.


November 16, 2006



Nancy Rumbel

October 21, 2006

Hi Wonderful Muse!!! Yes it is 3:43AM and I am wondering around in cyberspace ---- as always comforted by your wonderful creativity and beauty! Thank you for the peace in the still of the night.

gebo lathrop

September 26, 2006

Hi Susan
I remember walking up Bald mountain together one summer night.



August 23, 2006

Hi Dear One, Are you singing in a new way? I recently bought a guitar at a pawn shop. New strings and clipped fingernails and new sounds at my finger tips.
As the new studio manifests I have been taking pictures for a little show called "The Art of Construction" because everywhere I see forms, spaces, colours, textures, changes to the landscape that I hadn't imagined, rearranged objects that now catch my attention, stuff that will not last as they are, and everything a metaphor for unspeakable truth.
Your being is one with all.
Love, Rene

jane bakken

August 14, 2006

ahhh...the poem, the poem ...amazing ~ thank you. much love ~ Jane


August 11, 2006

I remember a stunning young girl with huge eyes and a voice so awsome that it just blew you away. To me you were the voice of Ames.
And you haven't changed a bit from that young girl from the 70's. Hope we meet again.
Mickie kuehl, Glenwood City, Wi


August 8, 2006


Corrin Fairbrother

July 26, 2006

Although I was only four years old or so when I knew you best I have always felt that you were one of the many great acquaintances I have had in my life's jouney. Hope we cross paths again one day soon.

Corrin Fairbrother, Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada


July 25, 2006


Susan Osborn

July 23, 2006

Hi from one Susan Osborn to another from across this vast planet. Like you, I feel I am travelling a winding unknown road in life, never knowing what adventures, learnings and struggles I will encounter next, but forever grateful for the journey. Regards, Susan

July 14, 2006

Have searched for "Susan" CD for 10 years since a "friend" borrowed mine and never returned it. Still missing the joy it gave every listen! "Sound Over All Waters" is my only taste for now! Love the 'gospel-like' arrangement. I am a 60-year young jazz and blues afficionado. I mainly wanted to thank you for your sharing your soul in your music.

Luise Levy

July 2, 2006

One of the most awe-inspiring evenings of my adult life was hearing Susan sing, David Darling play the cello, and Chungaling Al Huang "dance" Tai Chi, all at the same time, at Esalen--in 1991. It was breathtaking, in the truest sense of the word.
I still happily play Susan's tapes and realized today that there must be more--and indeed, there are newer recordings, which I've already ordered.
I'd love to learn whether you have any performances planned for the the Southwest.
While we're finally getting monsoon rains to quench the drought, we're still thirsty for soul-filling music.

Stephen White

June 26, 2006

My dear friend Susana Sharp, formerly of Orcas Is. now living in Portland, introduced me several years ago to your music and your lovely presence when we attended one of your annual Orcas concerts in what I think was an old church or community building. I've been a devoted fan ever since and when I heard your latest (for me) CD, Only One, I absolutely rose in Love all over again. I've shared it and your Reunion CD with a friend for whom it has been life-changing and she is now going to pass on the Gift to others in her Circle.

My you be Blessed All Ways with the Love you manifest so beautifully through your Being.

With Love, Stephen

Karen Brooks

June 12, 2006

HI, Susan-- I took a workshop with you in Ashfield , MA, many years ago-- since then, I've continued writing, loved the theme of writing non-language choruses. I'm coming to the Northwest at the end of July for a couple gigs and am hoping to make it to Seattle and around. Would love to see you/sing with you. My website is if you want to hear what I've been singing and doing. Here's to music that makes us one! Thanks again, Karen (Brooks)

martha mary moore

June 5, 2006

I recently repurchased "common ground" and hearing "lay down your burden" again for the first time in years completely knocked my socks off. i would like to have one of your own recordings and will browse the local music stores here in Portland OR. I also have a friend here who met you back in CT. as he had some affiliation with the consort, paul briggs.... he said you are one of the most amazing women he has ever met. hope to hear you live here in the NW soon.

Fran Keller

May 30, 2006

I guess I'll add a note from the past, too, Susan. 'Way back to your Iowa State University years....singing at candle passing in the lounge, just starting up a song-fest in a dorm room. My memories are fond ones of your days at ISU. When we got our first CD player, the first CD I bought was one of yours back in the mid- 80's. Keep singing and bringing joy to all!!

Don Daggett

May 28, 2006

I first saw you perform at Orchestra Hall with Paul Winter. I own all of your CDs available in the USA and am ordering your new one. I also had my Susan tape converted to CD. I think your voice is wonderful and your interpretation of songs to be exceptional . Thanks for the newsletter.

Lee Ann Hofstad

May 28, 2006

Susan, My Sister, My Friend,

We all miss you so in Sioux Falls, SD.
Please do us the honor of returning for a concert.

Love, Lee

Miriam Greenberger

May 27, 2006

Dear Susan and David,
I am glad to see you are stil..........Being and doing.
lt's been a long time.
Are you ever in the New York area anymore?
All my love.....Miriam

Elaine Mishkind

May 25, 2006

I have been listening mesmerized to your latest music on this amazing (to me) computer and can't tear myself away to go to bed. Our conversation earlier today, the bio and deeply revealing sharings on your website have touched me as I would never have anticipated. You are indeed a beautiful person as well as a remarkable artist. I hope that you offer your class at Rowe or Omega sometime in the near future so that I may experience for myself what you so eloquently describe. A heartfelt thank you! Elaine

Anna English

May 24, 2006

Greetings from Vermont! I so fondly remember our days in Litchfield with Joey & Gordon. To this day your voice raises my spirts.
Much love and many Blessings to you and David!

Shannon Collins

April 30, 2006

Susan - you and I were the rave female vocalists in Sioux Falls in the 1970's. I would love to hear from you. I am helping to produce a benefit concert in SF on Sunday, Seprember 23, 2006. Proceeds go to the Music Museum at the newly purchased "Stockman's Bar" for this purpose. Would love to have you participate. The wonderfully facilitated Brandon Performing Arts Center has already been donated for the show. Please contact me. Let's chat? I am sooooooo impressed and proud of you. And, for old times sake I still hum "Singin' A New Song." It is my favorite memory of you. God bless you. Shannon Collins 605-334-2372

Lois Townsend

March 26, 2006

Hi from Vancouver island, dear Susan. we are delighted to see you returning to the Living Room and giving some singing workshops. Not knowing how to cut and paste etc, I would love to see an "email to a friend" possibility on your site. We return to Orcas early May for a short stay and then much longer after August. I'm hoping for more workshop dates (maybe in the summer?) and that our daughter, Kelly will be in touch with you...Thank you for sharing the beauty and for being...Love Lois (and Len, too)

Sayoko Inakagi

March 6, 2006

Hi!! May I put the link from Kentaro's Kihara Web site to your Web site?

Please say hello David! I miss you, David ,Razzyand Orcas Island very much.


Rob Rand

March 6, 2006

Dear Susan,
What a tremendous smile I have to see your face- on the Web! Many seasons have passed since our journeys during the Common Ground tours. I am well and playing and singing and wish you well too! I would love to catch up again, dear Susan. Your voice is legend among those who remember those days, and there are many, I find, as I tell my tales of those times, who light up with joy at the memories of those concerts. Beautiful website. Your voice still fills me, and the words of encouragement through friends. Hoping to talk with you again, many blessings to you,
Rob Rand
49 Webster Road
Freeport, Maine 04032

Nina Logterman

January 31, 2006

Hi Susan I've been wandering around the world and have often thought about you and stumbling on to this sight has been fantastic! Keep up the good work and maybe we'll run into each other again someday though probably not in Vermillion!


January 22, 2006

Good job. i say briefly: cool! excellent site.

jeff severson

January 10, 2006

hi susan, I've been following your career from afar and wish you the best! great to hear your voice! nice to see you keep in touch with all these hodads from sodak,
regards, jeff


December 4, 2005

Nice site and thanks for the music... and let's keep meeting in odd places at odd times perhaps Lovingly...jacques

Deborah Zeisloft

December 3, 2005

I have enjoyed your music for many years and am enjoying your music still. The web site is a momentary touch with your music. I noticed in reading the other comments that several people have the "Susan" CD as does a close friend of mine. However I notice that it is not for sale anywhere. What is the possibility of having it available? Please let me know if this is possible I would buy it in a instant. I remember contacting you several years ago and you mentioned that you could not release the CD. I hope that issue has been resolved. I want to be able to have the CD.

Harlan Busch

December 3, 2005

Susan, I'm so glad that I finally got the link to your music and site...much water has flowed under the bridge since our hikes up the mountains and Hearny Peak so long ago in good old South Duck..This site is spectacular, and your generous offering of selections via MP3 keeps me from biting at the bit while waiting the arrival of your albums.. Thanks for the Music..I always knew that you would continue to grow spiritually and musically, but the depth and richness of your offerings here is beyond any expectations I had..Looking forward to some communication with you in the near future..Warm Regards, Harlan Busch

Kit Clark

December 2, 2005

Hi Susie,
Wheezer sent me your link, I'm really excited about it and I'm going to send it to other kith and kin. I loved your photo gallery, especially seeing Grandma Clark and your mom. Have a wonderful Christmas, Love, Kit

ron greco

November 22, 2005

Love Susan, wish she would record some jazz tunes.

Carol Veder

November 11, 2005

I was present years ago at Missa Gaia given at the Stanford University Chapel. Most of the audience were women (and spouses) from Creative Initiative/ Beyond War and we had just completed a three day International Women's Convocation to abolish war. I have never forgotten your beautiful singing and your beautiful presence. Whenever I listen to Missa Gaia, I long for that divine evening. The holy feminine surely flowed through you that night!
Many thanks, Carol Veder

Julie Dufford

November 10, 2005

Susan - What fun to hear from you, at Toni's house even. Interesting synchronisity is that her answering machine has been disconnected for a while, until today around 1:00. Your message was the first to be received, and came through loud and clear. I called your number and hope you received my message. And, now you have our e-mail address too. Toni's friend Betty told me that she "knew of " you but didn't really know you. So, I'm really impressed that she thought to mention to you that I am her friend Toni"s "personal assistant/caregiver. I expect that Betty is an"elder", as Toni is 84 and I imagine them to be close in age. I've visited your web site recently, as I do periodically to see what you are currently doing, but I didn't leave any comments then. I'm eager to have more/all of your recordings - what I have ride with me in the car, and inspire me regularly. But, your new work sounds awesome - I just don't know where to begin to expand. The relationship with Japan must be a wonderful experience. Has Budhism become an important part of your spiritual path? I have had several dreams that I know are calling me to experience that truth, and walking meditation has been a tremendous practice of mindfulness and meditative creativity nurture for me in my journey. I am so glad that Betty called us together again, and await further communication. Do you hear from Taffy, Stout, or any others from our highschool days? I hear from Taffy about once a year, and both of her children were living in CA as of last Christmas.

I also heard an interveiw with David on Public radio. He is, I assume, the fisherman/poet that was interveiwed. I enjoyed listening to the experiences of living on the water, and the inspration that it offers to the poet in one's soul.

I remember when Susan visited us in Souix Falls, and insisted that Greg and I go out and enjoy some non-parenting time while she stayed with our children, Bill and Laura. That was such a generous and thoughtful gesture.

I'm eager to re-connect in greater depth, which is where the virtues of e-mail are inadequate for me. Hopefully, we will find a time for talking, maybe even visiting again soon. Our home phone is 831.384.0398. Between 9 and 4 I'm usually at Toni's. Evenings are usually reliable home times, especially after 9PM or so. And I'll try your number as well. Great Blessings to you!

J. D. Thompson

October 22, 2005

Hi, Susan. Have been listening to your lovely voice on the 70s Revisited VHS. I'm converting the two tapes to DVD for Boyd. Would you like a copy? Easy for me to make copies for you.
Great to discover your site. Was in Sioux Falls for my 50th Augie class reunion. Listened to the Acoustic Christmas folks rehearse for their upcoming performances. Lots of hugs. And memories, and love.
I am now living on the Big Island of Hawai'i, thoroughly loving getting back to my roots, working and caring for the soil and its rooted relatives. Would love to see you. Any chance the two of you might come to Hawai'i? I've lots of room for you- and lots to do. I'm fully retired- was snorkeling with the manta rays last Thanksgiving at Kona. And the humpies are now returning to our waters for the winter.
with lots of aloha and heartwarming memories,


August 29, 2005

Awesome site

Richard Marshall

August 22, 2005

I hit the wrong button in setting up my email contact info.

4855 SW Watson Av
Beaverton OR 97005-0510
Phone 503.810.1047

Joy to you,

Richard Marshall

August 22, 2005

Dear Susan and David,
I'm living in Portland, and last weekend I just sorted out a bunch of old cassettes and found two of yours. It is so nice to hear you again, and see that you both are doing so well.
Many blessings,
Richard (the guy who helped you buy your house in Victorian Valley)

Bets Radley

July 22, 2005

We recently visited Orcas Island and were excited by your paintings in Darvill's Rare Print Shop. Although they weren't open, the owner next door at the book shop, called the new owners who were coming to the shop afterall. I was elated as I've been looking for some art for our apartment in Brooklyn Heights. I'm pleased to say I was particularly taken with "Turtleback Mountain" (where we were also staying) and it's being delivered today! Please let me know when you update the photo gallery and/or if you send out any announcements about openings. Although we might not be in the area again, I look forward to more beautiful art by David.

Pam Darling

July 18, 2005

My dear old friend. We have lost touch since the Litchfield days...great memorys of "the farm", the Consort, the Darling family together and the music there. Our family is well in the KC area and we have our own farm on the prairie. Your voice is forever in my head (I still listen to "Susan")as is your wonderful heart. We might be in your neck of the woods next summer and will let you know. Beautiful website!

Virginia Eskridge

May 13, 2005

I heard you sing at Omega in the early 1990's and was enchanted. I bought your CD "Susan". Your songs have comforted me and made me happy. Thank you so much.

Robert Vigman

May 4, 2005

Courtesy of ITunes and Real Rhapsody, I just discovered your God given voice and musicianship. Your version of The Song of Bernadette is the best I've ever heard. Your web site is top notch. Can't believe I never heard of you before. Technology can be a blessing.
Please keep me posted of your future performances in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.
Best regards, Robert Vigman

Zoric Igor

March 18, 2005

Dear Susan, I heard your album "Susan" because I gave this album from friend and I wery suprice with your way of singing and wery, wery good songs. Igor from Serbia&Montenegro


March 9, 2005

Thanks for your wonderfull musik!!!

Louise Sears

February 26, 2005

Dear Soulful Susan, My husband Mark and I had our hearts lifted when we first heard you sing in the early 80's with Paul Winter in Seattle for the Missa Gaia concert.........your voice just lifted us....we chose to play "MYSTERY" during a slide show at our wedding at Camp Long in Seattle in April of 2004......I saw that you have Sound and Silence Japan and Santa you ever have them up on Orcas?????....Mark and our daughter Maya Summermoon help with Orca Whale research here in the South Sounds.....her pictures of the two new calves born on Solstice '04 and that next day are up on the whale museum's website.....I feel such a peaceful healing "WIND" in my soul listening to your music.....and have always loved singing with friends....not to put on a performance, but just for the joy of letting it 'come through' I am curious about what you do at the seminars and whether you offer them here in the area....and does a person have to be a 'trained singer' in your seminars???.....Thank you for your holy healing contribution to our world.....Louise, Mark and Maya Summermoon Sears

Gary Rea

February 26, 2005

Susan, I've enjoyed your voice since the Winter Consort days. I noticed, though, that your discography left out your work with Ralf Illenberger, on his "Solleil " album, which I have always thought of as one of your strongest vocal performances. A clip of that on the site would be great.

tim collins

February 8, 2005

thank you
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