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Susan Osborn: Guestbook

Sue North

December 12, 2015

2015 Christmas Concert Schedule on Orcas Is. this Year?


May 9, 2015

Susan..youre voice and light...carry a frequence of great generosity and allow my heart to open up, witnessing and hearing such a giving soul is a true Blessing in my life.i met the person before the voice..the person carry so much light..but the voice reveals what i could not see so well and could only perceive. now my ears receive the whole spectrum of love and i am nmove to tears.. thank you !!

Isabelle Rajotte Montreal , Canada

Barb Beattie

September 7, 2014

Hi Sue, just an old old friend checking in. I was telling the sling shot in the snow storm story to some friends tonight. Just seems like yesterday.

Paloma pavel

July 2, 2014

Susan - across the miles and years - you are an extraordinary visionary whose music calls forth an Eco- spiritual transformative power within all of us. Is it possible to save that which we deeply love? Linking arms and feeling the courage and beauty of your life and music embolden us. With a deep bow and great - fullness for your work in the world- memories of being with you in California , at the UN in New York and on the Maine coast

martin felt

July 18, 2013

I have listened to your old recordings with paul winter and your tape with my favorite song of yours: "Always be a lover..." Friends in the 80's attended your voice I live in puglia Itlay and I am sure you would love it here and a concert during the big tourist push or in the best winter climate by the sea you would be delighted to know this ancient zone...I would help promote...check out my art work by googling my name..belssings Ho! (my indian name is"red foot fire heart passion"!!

Gary Fladmark

March 19, 2013





February 18, 2013

do you have the lyric of one step at a time!

Karen Pidcock

August 30, 2012

Susan, I'm listening to the amateur cassette recording made for those of us who sang in the Christ Church Cathedral Choir for the Missa Gaia performance in Vancouver, BC (1985-6?) with your marvelous voice filling St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church & our hearts with your heart song. That was truly one of the outstanding choral musical experiences of my life, as a singer, right along with a Bach cantata, B Minor Mass, Magnificat; Mozart, Faure & Rutter Requiems. Having read of you since on Wikepedia & your website, I am wanting to say to you that my husband & I also heard you sing on Orcas, (where I lived from 1949-1957 h.s. grad & is my most special soul place on gaia) once near the airport...can't recall the year. I wonder if you're still blessed to live on that wonderful island. Please hear my expressions of appreciation for your inspiring performance which we're listening to at the moment. Being Celtic earth-centred Anglican Christians (husband a priest, now retired), I've countless times led gatherings singing that text of "For the Beauty of the Earth...esp. the line "nature human & divine all around us lies". "loved teaching my choir "Hymn for the Russian Earth" & they've also sung "The Blue Green Hills". I wonder, with all your work in Japan, if you're still able to live some of the time on Orcas? I still have one living surrogate mother living their in her 99th year, dear Jane Barfoot Hodde, historian, in her Olga home, where I first met her upon moving there with my family n i1948. I'm going to look into some more recent recordings you've made, & I love reading that you're still singing around the world!

Kriemhild Walch

August 29, 2012

Dear Osborns,
your song is so great. Everyday I listen to the CD. Do you also sell the notes, so that I could learn this song with my teacher?
Kindest regards

Sue Kronenberger

April 15, 2012

Dear Susan, I first encountered you in the summer of 1982 when I worked at Omega Institute... it was my job to make up the beds of all the workshop presenters. In 1983 I participated in a workshop you offered at Omega. I still remember singing with/to a partner as each of us held a hand over the other's heart. Your singing and guiding presence has profoundly influenced my life. I still recall and sing, "Oh Mystery, You are alive. I feel You all around..." Currently as I teach a creative writing class for women, I will use quotes from you and your songs as poignant examples of ways we can influence this planet and all beings for the better. My deepest appreciation to you.

Ric Cooper

October 22, 2011

I met you many years ago when you were touring with the Paul Winters. I was a friend of Betty Franco and met you when you were in Seattle those many years ago.
For several years now I have tried to remember your name, having lost my albums a long time ago and lost contact with Betty.
I am so excited to have finally remembered and now have some catching up to do.
I am friends with a wonderful writer, composer and performer of Native American Music. His name is Randy Granger and have often thought of you when I am with him and it was driving me nuts that I couldn't tell him about you by name.

Jacomb Halloran

July 21, 2011

I recently bought a recording that had you singing, "Beauty And The Beast" on it. I was so moved by your wonderful voice and phrasings that I wept like a child after hearing you! I cannot sufficiently express myself to you but that one song alone has made me want to purshase every album you've ever produced. I thank you so very much Ms Osborn, it is truly an honour to listen to you!

Helen Maslocka

April 24, 2011

Greetings Susan,

I think of you often.


im mayj

March 23, 2011

I just received a cd from Japan which you sing on. My daughter's in-laws are friends of Aman Seto and they know that I love music. I have many Paul Winter Consort cd's, so now I'll have to listen to them with special atention to hear you. All godd wishes (small world)

Wonder Wyant

February 23, 2011

Thinking of Red Willow back in the day and remembered your beautiful voice. So glad to know you are still making music.

Marc Anthony

February 18, 2011

It's a cold and rainy winter in Taipei. I pulled out my "Susan" CD, and bathed in the warmth of the music. Then the sun came out.

For me, the most beautiful song you've ever sung is 'Mystery' from Paul Winter's Missa Gaia, but I hope you don't think that was easy to choose among all the other choices!

Sharon Albrecht

February 10, 2011

Dear Susan,
I played the cassette tape! of your Signature album today for the first time in years and had to find out where you are and what you are doing. (It inspires me so much!)
I am so glad that you are alive and well and that at least the people of Japan recognize your magnificence. Also,
it is wonderful to me that you are living my dream of making music with your husband.
I'm so happy to find your website and plan to be buying several albums. I also hope to attend one of your Silence & Song seminars as soon as possible.
Much love & blessings,
Sharon/Sha RA


January 9, 2011

Thank you for sharing Bright Angel on this site. It has been many years since I last heard your soaring, beautiful song (long-lost cassette tape over the radio...Fate of the Earth Concert?1982?) and played it again and again for my neighbor, who found it moving as well. After all this time, It still brings tears and sends my heart flying to the Canyon and the vast space that songs send spirits to.Thank you.

Sharon Mack

December 24, 2010

Dear Susan,
I will be visitng Orcas Island Jan. 11-14 for an appointment with the Orcas Center and I came across your website through my research on the community. I noticed that you were the lead singer for the Paul Winter Consort and I am wondering if you happen to know a friend of mine, musician Rhonda Larson. I believe she was also part of the Paul Winter Consort at one time and we worked together while I was Executive Director of the South Haven Center for the Arts. I was just curious if you have ever worked with her. Merry Christmas and I wish I was able to attend your Christmas Eve performance!

Sharon Mack
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

Phyllis E Clark

October 28, 2010

Looking for a vacuum cleaner song that Susan did once at Omega in the early 90's- it's still in my brain we sang along, vavoom vavoom, vavoomba, vavoomba


September 10, 2010

Hi, you really have a nice website.

Maggi Heilweil

August 9, 2010

Susan -- I was sharing about you with a student and that prompted me to make a long overdue visit to your website.
You remain my favorite singer and a profound impact on my singing and teaching.
I hope you still remember my sobfull Porgi Amor Mozart aria in class.
Love to you and David -- I think of you often.

Anne Brown

July 12, 2010

Hello Susan: I know you from the Chinook days - 25 years ago. Always loved the Paul Winter singing and you! Saw your name in a book about Bali. " Dragons in the Bathtub".
We were just visiting Bali and had a great time there with friends from the USA who moved there. I am happy to know that your singing has continued and I hope your life has been wonderful - you deserve that! Love Anne

stuart beaudoin

July 4, 2010

Lay down your burden was my first experience with your music. It has stuck with me 30 years and is part of my own search as a church musician.

I feel the journey of 30 years ago has suddenly come into focus again having found your site. If you are ever in Toronto I would love to journey with you a few moments.

Michele Judge

June 24, 2010

You have been inspiring my art work since the 1980's --
thank you.

If ever you and David are in Arizona, Lee and I would enjoy showing you around.

Roger Newcomb

March 8, 2010

I have a poor quality cassette of "Amazing Space". I've been searching for this extraordinary performance for 15 years! Let me know when it's available. Thank you.

Robin (Elaine Brown) Madden

February 5, 2010

Hi, Sue, I graduated from Kirkwood High School in 1968, and I sort of knew you in passing. I am overjoyed for your musical success. How amazing - I remember Missa Gaia. You seem to be having a wonderful journey. More blessings to you always.

Harry Perdew

February 4, 2010

I just discovered you on the Ho Oponopono song with Hanayo and Aman... so moving and wonderful... awesome combination of voice and sound...Thank you...

Cindy McNeill

January 24, 2010

Dear Susan ~ It's been many moons since we last saw you (Hole in the Sky days?), but wanted to let you know that Bob & I just re-discovered your ReUnion CD which led us to your website...wonderful! We spent much of this stormy Black Hills day listening to your beautiful voice and insightful lyrics. Your music always touches my heart. We send our love and wish you well!

Brian Johnson

October 12, 2009

Susan - it's been quite some time since I heard your voice or saw your face - maybe the last time was at the "Doll House" - or in Boulder, Co. I enjoyed your site - you certainly have had a marvelous journey. If you get the chance a "hello" would be great. BJ

helen hynes

October 7, 2009

haven,t seen you for at least 20 years but i still listen to your beautiful music and love it will be tickled pink to get your email letter LOVE LOVE LOVE HELEN

sandy shepherd

September 13, 2009

Listening again for the umpteenth to Reunion - so VERY moving, Susan. Are your Silence and Singing workshops still happening. Hope you are still in touch with Kate M. and that we'll all sing together again. Oh, YUMMMMM!

Barbara Anderson

September 8, 2009

Have searched for "Susan" for 15 years since I made the mistake of sharing with a "friend" who loved the music so much he kept it and told me he had loaned it to someone else who never returned it to him. Wish I could find it somewhere!!!

Nancy K. Evans

May 24, 2009

Hi: In spring cleaning, came across a box of cassettes and found "Susan" and "Signature" - wonderful, soulfull music that brought back good memories. I'm so glad to have "rediscovered" you via the internet. Will try and get some of your newer music. I'm sure it's as good as ever. All my best, Nancy

deborah sparks

May 2, 2009

Susan dear heart, spent an hour on your site, listening to music, looking at pics. I love the simplicity of your sight , how unique it is to you, how much it contains for a full experience of your artistic life and how easy it is to navigate! It is truly how I
experience your beauty through art! Thanks, Sparky


April 28, 2009

Dear Susan

It went to the Yamagata Gassan concert.
I had cried at the mere sight of Susan's smile when Susan showed up.
Of course, the singing voice was impressed, too.

When the book was signed, Susan gripped the power stone that I had had.
This stone is always put on near the window.

I think that I take it today.
It returned from the door to taking and it brought it.

"What stone?"asked by Susan,
I answered, "It is a stone gotten from the space alien".
I think that Susan came from another star to purify the earth.

My soul and power stone were completely healed by Susan.
We wish to express our gratitude to you.

I'm sorry in unskilled sentences.
Thank you for reading.


March 5, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !


February 27, 2009

__$$$$$$___________________$$$$$$$ I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!

Larry Orme

February 13, 2009

Hello Susan...
Lovely webpage, lovelly music.
Do you remember Victoria, BC - Ken and Renee.
Their friend Larry - lost and looking, heading to an ashram in Arizona.
The Kreskin Show phoning us in the street and describing us - still peculiar.
Was that Seattle?
Your presence has remained an inspiration to me to this day - your love and humour always brought warmth.
Oh, and your music's not bad either...
Thank you

celia chantal

February 12, 2009

Hello, thank you for your beautiful music. I have heard your name, but never music. The song on your website brought me to tears. I am an aspiring singer, and musician. I would love to meet you. I am coming to Orcas Feb 20-27th 2009 for an artist retreat.

Roger Davidson

January 26, 2009

Susan - I remember meeting you a few times in 1980 and 81 with Paul Winter; we all had lunch together at least once! I would like to tell you so many stories from the years since then. Meanwhile, best wishes and many blessings!

Nancy Rumbel

January 26, 2009

Hi Susan & David!!
Love the new photos on the website!! More snow fell here yesterday--- I had a lovely walk with Rosie in the 22 degree woods! Looking forward to hearing more wonderful music and seeing more exquisite art!!
Hugs, Nancy


January 25, 2009

~ thinking of you, Dear One, listening to your voice this morning as I begin carving another Feast Platter for a woman from Houston. Jewelry on the near horizon. New house getting drywall next week. Every season you are with me.
through the tunnel~

Paul Lippert

January 14, 2009

I'd love to participate in a singing workshop this year - on Orcas, Whidbey, or in Seattle. Or maybe Breitenbush or Hollyhock?

(I'm in Seattle.)


January 10, 2009

With Christmas all of you!

Maya (Andrea) Massar

December 17, 2008

Dear Beautiful Susan!

Was thinking of you, so here is a note to say so!
David and I wish you the very most wonderful, agical and fulfilling Holiday Season and New Year! Hope your life is full of Joy & learning,

With Love,
Maya (Andrea)
& David Massar
(Currently living in British Columbia)

samsung LN46A650

December 15, 2008


I've found this article to be very useful, though the information is not rather new.
I'm your permanent reader now!

p.s. BTW, what happened to your site template? Or is it just my browser? :)

Simon Spire

November 8, 2008

So happy to see you are doing so well after the surgery! What a beautiful photo of you all on Mt Constitution...makes me miss beautiful Orcas. Have a wonderful rest of 2008,

Ria Harboe

November 2, 2008

Will you be having a winter concert in the chapel on Orcas Island this year 2008?

Would love to go....

kenneth addai-sefah

October 18, 2008

thank u very much

Ed Cannon

October 3, 2008

Hello, Susan! Web Browsing on a Friday night and found this enchanting website. Very cool. I sold my business and "retired" two months back. Busier than ever and still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up. Still in Mpls children are now 23=22=19 and 16, all doing well as is Judy. My best!

Judy Díaz

September 28, 2008

Hola Susan... I came to your site... it's fantastic... but more fantastic is your career in music... congratulations!!! I will see you in October during KHS activities.

Nick Wolfson

September 24, 2008

Hi Susan - I send you love and good wishes, all the way from Ecuador! Here's a "postcard" for you and David:

Roz Brown

September 12, 2008

Glad to see your website. We were music students together at USD when Paul Winter came to the theater auditorium for the first time.

You sang at the club on east Cherry - leading to the interstate. I forget the name. Susan Van Heuvelen sang in those parts too, then. How lucky we were.

Best to you from beautiful Boulder.

Daniel Kucera

September 9, 2008

About 1979, you gave a private concert to my son's mother and me. You sang "Lay down your burden", the dragon doesn't live here anymore. We were in the basement at Dugan's Deli in Ames,Iowa. One of the most spectacular spiritual moments in my life. I will remember that forever, Thank you. Hope you are doing well, sincerely, Daniel Kucera

Polly Motley

September 3, 2008

Hello Susan,

Singing with you, The Voice of the Body, at Naropa many years ago changed my life. I want to study with you again. When and where are you teaching workshops? I would come to you!!!

September 1, 2008

dearest Susan,

it is your old friend from Vermillion, still living in Rotterdam, wanting to get in touch. I was thinking of you this morning, and googled you, and HERE YOU ARE. LET'S GET IN TOUCH. LOVE, MARY

Michael Ehrhart

September 1, 2008

Wow. What can I say. I found your music via Microsoft's Zune library of songs and I am just knocked out. Still Life is the first disc I listened to. It is outstanding. I will spread your name and music to all of my friends. They, too, will love your voice. Thanks to God for you! And thank you for giving my ears pleasure!

domanie Guerrera

August 23, 2008

I would love to replace music I had of yours. Susan was one of my favorites and can't find it anywhere. Is there someplace I can buy it again ?

Helene Melasky

June 19, 2008

Susan, Do you remember those days at the beginning when we met at my cousin Harold's ( Feinstein) the village? It was the one and possibly only time I met him- he read my chart for the first time... We met again at St. John The Divine one time about 20 years ago at one of your concerts. Boy have you been busy since then! I'll be seeing you at 4:30 A.M. for your solstice concert in NYC. I'll be there with my partner Debbie and will try to meet you and say hello once more.

GOOD FOR YOU !!! -Helene


May 26, 2008

anybody know where i can find the sheet music to SEN NO KAZE????

George Breed

May 21, 2008

Hi Susan, just checking in. Great love to you!

Amy Picard

May 6, 2008

I was just introduced to your song--I Love it!

Are you referring to Bright Angel trail in the grand canyon?
Can you tell me anything else about the inspiration behind your song?
It is so beautiful!

Thank you,
Amy Picard


May 5, 2008

Beautifull ! Voice and chant, sweet ! But i don´t understand the complete lyrics of Lay down... I can´t obtain the lyrics of your song still, can you send me?, please. And some partiture if it´s possible , thank you ! Gustavo de Buenos Aires Argentina. Thank you

Pam Darling

April 29, 2008

Greetings Susan, from Pam and Dan Darling. It's good to connect with you again (lovely web site)...fond memories of the farm in Ct. and hearing your voice in the barn. Now we have our own in NE Kansas. I wish I would have known you were in the Orcas. I visited a friend in Friday Harbor 2 years ago. I want to hear your voice again, so will procure your music right away! Much love, Pam

Steve & Terry Cerrito

April 21, 2008

We just discovered Susan and think she has a beautiful voice! Really looking forward to buying her music! Thank you!

Deborah Carter

April 13, 2008

I used to love you and wail away with you from your "Susan" album. Particulary, We're Well on our Way and Bright Angel....Now I have a Japanese daughter-in-law who I love.
(So we have a few things in common Susan!) I am happy to find your site. All best wishes and peace,


April 9, 2008

The good convenient site is made.


October 1, 2007

hi susan i am gald to come across to your site

Tom Osborne

April 7, 2008

Somehow I lost track you you (my fault entirely), but it is so good to find you again and to see you doing so well. How much I remember loving you so much in Missa Gaia at Stanford University, and Harmonia Mundi at U.C. Irvine (where I got to meet you personally and talk with you in the parking lot afterwards)...and you have never stopped for a second!


April 7, 2008

Hello! Excellent site! Searched a long ago

Marcia Smith

April 3, 2008

Susan Osborne, Susan Osborne. It went round and round in my head (seen on your case) and then I remembered. A student had given me a tape of your stuff and it still resides on the shelf!

I am the woman at the airport who sat beside you.

Small world, isn't it?

Good luck with the tour.



March 27, 2008

Dear Susan,
I hope someday you will visit Okinawa as well while in Japan. Best Wishes from the Island of Beauty

Maria Haruna Garde

March 13, 2008

Dear Susan
Recently I had a dream which told me to
change my name from Haruna Sasaki
to Maria Haruna Garde !!

Garde is David's family name and its natural
but Maria was surprisig for me ,but I decided to take
it as a gift of god.
(I am not christian thghou)

I would like to ask you
may I link your homepage to my

Your homepage is just wonderful.
I am now renewring my homepage.
please let me know when you have time.

Thank you very much .
lots of love


Mark Pris

February 27, 2008

Hello, your website is very informative and useful,
I would like to share with you links, send all the questions
on my e-mail.


February 23, 2008

So here's the thought train...Sat. AM, barely above zero, beautiful sunny day. Listening to russian music on public radio. Thought of our Paul Winter CD and you. Remembered your note, and had responded. But I also recall that my web dude told me that I can't respond to notes through the site, so you never got it!
I thought you hadn't written back because I told you I had a CD out myself, and you didn't want to get dragged into THAT!
I hope you are well! Would love to talk!
Of course, this is our 40th high school reunion...
Peace and love to all, David

Haruna sasaki

February 8, 2008

My dear Susan
I just read the article about your first book in Japanse.
Last time I and David saw you in Gaia Syphony film.
ans you seemed to be suffering ...we were worried..
But today we are very happy to read your ommnent
about your meeting with cherryblossoms.

SLOW DOWN is really important!!
Yesteday we saw dolphins in Tokyobay which is
very rare. I felt its a gift from God.

and Today I received an e mail that editor will have
look at my picture book next week..
I prepared it in japanese &English.
Please have a look at my Homepage.
English page will be ready soon.
Elephant Roses

I am reaaly glad that you are fine !!!
Hope to see you maybe this year again.

Lots of love
Haruna &David

Kathleen Crane

January 29, 2008

Hi Susan, I always wondered what became of you. I was Joanne"s neighbor on Bald Mtn in So Dak. We had some fun times at the Old Style -we were pretty good dancers back then! I remember u gave Joanne that old Chevy of yours. Do you remember me? I always remember the song Lay down your burden. I was blown away by it! I hope there is a way to catch up with you. Congrats on all your wonderful accomplishments! Your blast from the past,

Lori Leslie

January 24, 2008

Hmmmm, was trying to remember the "ancient vacuum cleaner song" a few days ago. Delighted to see what's been working you lately. "Singing?" Yes. - Lori Leslie - Tell David I sent my regards.

Joy Erik

January 21, 2008

Dear Susan, Greetings of Love and Appreciation!
I was fortunate to have taken several of your trainings and workshops. I came to Orcas at least two times and I went on the Grand Canyon voyage with you and Brooke Medicine Eagle, and about one or two workshops you did with Angeles Arrien.
I was thinking of you (again) today and I'm
delighted I found your website. I live now in
the Portland Metro area (Beaverton, Oregon).
I've added my name to your email list. I am
hopeful we will meet again. Do you ever come to Portland, Oregon?
You and your music, and your music therapy with me, will forever be in my heart. I enjoy your soulful singing so much.
Smile, songs, and musical hugs to you!
Joy Erik, 13200 SW Aragon St., Beaverton, Oregon (Phone: 503-643-6261).
PS: Just curious . . . do you plan any classes in the summer?


January 17, 2008

大好きな SUSAN へ

『桜の樹が教えてくれた』、 有り難う御座いました。 
m(_ _)m 感動しました。

さくら や りんご の花は 時おり、 晴れた 暖かな 日が続くと 秋や冬に咲くことがありますが、ほんの数個の花が咲くくらいで、数日後に 寒さが戻ったり その花が散ったら 終わってしまいます。

SUSAN の桜は、季節外れに数日咲いたというだけに留まらず、
 なんと 長く、 逞しく、 咲き続けたことでしょう!!!

そこに どれほどの愛が溢れていたか 想像しきれません


と ありましたが、
 愛において 特別なSUSAN の、 特別な桜の樹の 
奇跡の物語 だと思いました。

すばらしい 物語を有り難う御座いました。
瑠璃 (Ruri)

Carol Miller

January 5, 2008

Dear Susan,

I cannot begin to describe how it feels to have found your website. I have carried with me a now well worn audio cassette of your album "Susan" because there are some songs on there that speak deeply to me. After reading your page on Singing Without Words, I now understand that part of it is the depth of feeling you put into singing.

I would be most interested in learning if the songs on that album are available anywhere else - especially "The Promise" which has soothed me in the past and is now helping me through some very deep grief over the death of my husband, Larry, 6 months ago.

Dear Susan, please keep singing and bringing us your lovely words and music.



Peter Sentner

December 29, 2007

Hi Susan!
I just received a Christmas card from Sparks and she mentioned that you have published a book. Unfortunately, I can't make out her handwriting very well, and can't discern the title/topic. I'd love to check it out. If you have time, shoot me a quick email with this info.

I love your website. Are you still doing workshops?

Life is full for my wife, Joanne and I. As I mentioned in the letter enclosed with our Christmas card, our life pretty much revolves around the needs of our 5 year old daughter, Kiara, who we are raising (This is Corey's daughter).

Please give my best to David and any of the Seeds folks you may be in touch with. I'd love to get your newsletter and catch a concert if you are going to be in the Northeast.

Take Care ~ Peter

Spencer Holmes

December 10, 2007

Hi Susan,

Every time I hear you sing "Lay Down Your Burden" from your work with Paul Winter Consort, chills run up my spine and I stop in my tracks to soak it in. Absolutely beautiful vocals, the kind that should be radiated out into space for the rest of the Universe to hear, to show the rest of the Universe how wonderful life can be down here on Earth.


November 14, 2007

The name of the little guy in your refrigerator that turns the light on and off when the door is opened and shut.

Oh, that Yahoody, what a skamp!

lynn rowley

October 15, 2007

Could you let me know about the plans for the Christmas celebration at the Victorian Valley?

Mary Koth Lutton

October 10, 2007

I just heard "Jupiter" on the Oasis Acoustic Vol. VIii, and I wept from the beauty of your voice. I was so taken with your sound, that I had to
play the track over immediately, this time to also note the beauty of the lyrics. Thank you!!

Mike Seymour

September 2, 2007

Hi Susan: As I said to you at Joseph & Chie's wedding yesterday, your singing brought tears to my eyes with its depth of soul and personal feeling. You are a blessing. Please add me to your list of invitees to the Christmas concert on Orcas. Peace & be well.

Bob Mims

July 25, 2007

Hi Susan, I'm so glad to have come across your site, what a beautiful voice. I'm looking forward to hearing you live someday soon.


July 18, 2007

changes, I'm moving into Studio Two as Corrin and family move into the house while they build. Mornings of watching and listening - the quiet time before the glorious waking of birds - so precious and just full of Life and amazement. My love for this experience and memories of you are bliss. All the wondrous versions of Life continue as ever.
Love, Rene

Larry Marquardt

June 17, 2007

Hi Susan, This is a another blast from the past...Iowa State University to be exact. I was one of Johnny Major's boys on the football squad in the early 70's...didn't leave me much time to play in any you and Rural were my soundtrack down at Genuine John's! (Out of the Clear Blue Sky) It wasn't till after my football career that I would finally have a band on the road - and it was a dream come true for me when you got up with us at Dan's Back Porch in Spearfish, S.D. and belted out "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" !!! (well... it was the sign of the times and the Black Hills after all).
Thank you so much for those precious memories Susan.

Susan Emerson

June 17, 2007

Hi Susan, Hope you are well I miss you and your music. I hope you remember me from you r song circles with penny in Lincoln Ma.,

Daniela Illenberger

May 27, 2007

Susala!!! Luis turned 20 and Anna is going to be 23!!! There are more: Konrad is going to be 10, Henrik 8 and Frieder is nearly 2! The time with you and being on Orcas is next to my kids the most significant time of my life! You are still on my mind!!! Lots of love and even more hugs...Dani

Rita Reynolds-Gibbs

May 23, 2007

Would like to find the CD, I Am A Thousand Winds. Can I order it from you.

Rita Roxas

April 22, 2007

Hi Susan,
Nice to see you @ Easter on Orcas. Thank you for singing "Woodstock" for me...and for sharing your photos. Hope to see you again when I return to Orcas to visit Morissa.
Good Wishes---

Roberta Justice

April 22, 2007

Dear Susan,
Many years ago you sang at a Creative arts therapy conference. I'll never forget it. I have loved your voice and work since the Pual Winter days, but I was inspired by your ability to sing freely. At that time a friend of mine purchased your CD "Susan" which I did not (my bad) and since then I have tried to find it, but know it's out of print. I have been looking for the song "Bright Angel" or "Bright Angel Falls" I don't know which, from that recording, and wondered if you could give me any information about how to find it. I am a music therapist, and think it could be useful in my end of life work.
Roberta Justice, MM, MT-BC

benchawan n.

April 16, 2007

Dear Susan,
Yesterday a man back from Japan played "Sen no kaze ni natte" on a radio. Listening to the song, I cried and thought what a beautiful love song. I don't know why it is so touching. It expresses care, concern and love, not limited to man and woman, but applied to all such as friends or family members. I then e mailed my friend in Japan, told her the words I heard "Watashi ni ohaka no mae de, nakanai de kudasai" and asked her to find me the CD. Then I found out that it's originally your song. May I express my appreciation and thanks for one of the wonderful song I've ever heared. This really makes life worth living.
I probably will get your CD from my friend soon. I asked her to send 5 pieces so that I can share and give them to ones that I care.
Thank you again for bringing good and wonderful thing to this world.
Best regards,
Benchawan in Bangkok, Thailand

Connie Osborn

April 8, 2007

Aunt Susan-

I was thinking about you today and I decided to come to your site and listen to your songs and I listened to Ave Marie and it is such a beautiful song, I think it is one of my favorites! It made me cry! Miss you guys tons!
Love ya!

Genny Davis and Matthew Davis (Gwenievere Maria)

March 29, 2007

Blessings dear heart to you and to David.
I am writing to you to send our love and to let you know that Matthew just moved to Seattle two days ago...he moved there from the UK
When the time is right he would love to contact you and even see you one of these days.
Meanwhile, your friends from the past send you blessings of love and hope all is well.

You can reach me at the address above and Matthew at
or call (415) 435-3395

Would love to hear from you.
Much love,
Genny (Gwenievere Maria

Lisa Jackert

March 27, 2007

Dear Susan,
I heard you sing years ago at a Music Therapy Conference, or maybe it was a Creative Arts Therapy Conference. I am still a music therapist/singer and songwriter. I am glad to have found that I can buy the sheet music to "
Sound Over All Water" from the Pelagos Web page. I have been wanting to sing that for a long time. Thank you for your voice, thoughts and spirit.
Lisa Jackert
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