Still Life

The idea by itself is grand--well-known classical tunes set to voice with contemporary words by Osborn and her husband David Densmore and keyboard arrangements by Paul Halley. Nancy Rumbel on oboe and English horn. Cello, and flutes are also featured. Joyously uplifting compositions showcase the quality and reputation of both the singer and the originals, this album is a beautiful tribute to melodies that have lasted so long for good reason. It blossoms from between the blocks of the New Age, classical, and contemporary. Though the duo's lyrics are downright lovely, not to mention fraught with emotion, the most poignant (and perhaps globally timely) track may be "This is My Song" to the tune of "Finlandia" by Sibelius, with previously existing lyrics by Lloyd Stone. I would buy this CD just to hear that one track over and over. Osborn's fame in Japan still exceeds her recognition in the U.S., but by no means are those Americans any less fervent. This albums shows off what Susan does best--slow ballads that show off her gorgeous and outrageously powerful voice. --Holly Nichols, Napra ReView, Jan/Feb.2002

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A followup to Still Life. Elegant vocal arrangements of familiar classical melodies with original lyrics.  


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Susan's gorgeous voice is highlighted in this long awaited recording of original songs. Players include Bill Lauf tenor guitar, Ralf Illenberger, 6 String and jim Bredouw, bass and keyboard.

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All Through the Night

A classic meditative Christmas recording guarenteed to relax you deeply any time of year. With Brian Becvar on keyboard.

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The Pearl

Traditional Japanese folk songs with English lyrics, and hypnotic, haunting arrangements.  Musicians include: Brian BecVar, keyboards; Ralf Illenberger, guitars; Ryo Watanabe, percussion, and Wing Wongtsan, piano.  

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Only One

Susan's unforgettable voice singing classic love songs from the 60's on, joined by  Japanese pianist, Kentaro Kihara.

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